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How to manifest what you desire in 10 steps

Are we in control of our future or is it all up to chance? Humans are spiritual and creative beings and we have more control over our lives than we might realize. With focused intention and a little bit of self awareness, we can spin the web of our future into whatever we desire. I’ve looked back at my own manifestations and have compiled a list of 10 steps that helped me along the way to obtaining my desires and needs. Manifesting takes patience and an open mind, but I know you’ve got this, so let’s get into it.

  1. Dream about what you desire and be honest with yourself. Is what you desire actually what YOU want, or are you thinking about what others want you to do? Get clear on what you want and let go of the expectations of others and the fears you have surrounding going your own way. You could even start with what you don’t want by writing it down, just to get it out of your head. Find clarity of purpose and focus your thoughts on what you desire. If your desires are muddled, the manifestation will be too.
  2. Get into the emotional vibration of your dreams and desires. This step goes in conjunction with step one. While you are dreaming up your manifestation, make sure you are putting your emotions into it. How does it feel to be where you want or to have this desire? The feelings and emotions you get from receiving your manifestation is what you are really after. For example: I desire to live by the beach because of the feelings of joy and freedom I get while looking out over the ocean. Feel into your manifestation and keep focused on those feelings. The more intense the feelings the faster you will manifest.
  3. Become aware of the things currently in your life that give you the same feelings that your vision of your desired future gives you. You can keep cultivating the emotions attached to your manifestation by doing the activities that produce your desired emotions. Take a look at your current life and see how you already have what you desire. Realize that everything and anything that you want is available to you. The world is abundant, there is plenty for everyone. Practice this mindset of abundance.
  4. Now that you can see and feel your manifestation, you can start to believe it will happen. You have seen and felt it in your mind, so making it a reality is possible. Extinguish any doubts you have that it could never happen to you by nipping those thoughts in the butt and sending them on their way. Find real world examples of people already doing it or obtaining it. If it could happen to them, if they could make it a reality, so can you. Believe that your desires will be met and psych yourself up that its on the way.
  5. Manifestation isn’t just about imagining and believing, now it’s time to take action. Be proactive and go for what you want. Every day ask yourself what you can do today to get closer to your dreams and desires. Look for what you want and you will see more of it. For example: I decide I want to buy a certain brand of car and now I see them everywhere when before I never noticed them. Life is on your side and once you start to actively manifest what you want, life or the universe will help you out. Be open to serendipitous situations. Be aware of opportunities and take them.
  6. Be honest with yourself about how you could be holding yourself back. Take a closer look at your habits and personality traits that could be causing your manifestation to slow down. Examples of this are my own struggles that I’m working on such as laziness, procrastination, and not wanting to do hard things. This will take some level of self reflection and self awareness but it’s a worthy step. Get out of your own way and let the universe guide you to your desires.
  7. Stay focused on the goal and don’t get stuck at the bumps along the way. You’ll need to have patience (something I struggle with) and keep moving forward towards your dream. Keep that vision and feeling alive even when you want to give up. Try not to get distracted by easier or faster desires. Think in the long term. Develop the resilience to keep going even when no one supports your dream. You saw it and felt it and you know what you want, so don’t back down now. Keep that feeling of joy or fulfilment (or whatever feeling you’re after) in mind as the goal. That feeling you want in your life is what you’re after and that is the reward you’ll get once you reach your dream.
  8. This next one can be tricky. While you need to stay focused on your vision, at the same time you also need to be flexible. Be open to receiving something even better than you have imagined. Don’t be so rigid in your expectations that you become closed off. Get into the flow of manifestation. Don’t get trapped in the mindset of ‘this is what I want and I won’t accept anything different’. You may manifest something that exceeds your dream, something that may surprise you, so stay open to that.
  9. Now the exciting part. You’ve arrived. Your manifestation has been actualized and it is here in your reality. You feel the way you did in your vision. You are past the point of believing and you are living in truth. Your manifestation has gone from thought to materialization. Your persistence and patience has paid off. You are living in the I am.
  10. From thought to emotion to actualization, you’ve gotten the ball rolling and now you are cruising at a comfortable speed. Let’s keep that ball rolling! Manifesting your desire was just the beginning! Now you need to keep up your endurance by living it every day. Stay in that manifestation and don’t let it slip away. Stabilize your dream and build on it. Use it as a foundation for more manifestation. Keep the dream flowing.

We are constantly creating our realities with our thoughts and emotions. Manifestation is about taking control of this natural flow of creativity to obtain the outcome we desire (or something even better). These steps can take us from a vision in our minds into a living reality. To simplify these steps here are some keywords to keep you on track.

  1. Clarity-Focus-Vision-Daydreaming
  2. Emotions-Feelings-Desire-Goal
  3. Gratitude-Be Positive-Abundance Mindset
  4. Believe
  5. Be Proactive
  6. Self Awareness
  7. Resilience
  8. Stay Open Minded
  9. Actualization-Materialization
  10. Stabilize-Living