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3 Essential Elements of a Spiritual Morning Routine

How do you start your day? For most of us, our mornings tend to become a routine. Coffee or tea, shower, feed the pets, maybe go for a run, etc. Sometimes this routine is healthy and other times we can get into the slump of a poor routine. The morning may be the most important time of the day for us. How you begin in the morning sets the energy for the rest the day. Let’s start out right with these 3 essential elements of a spiritual morning routine: Clarity, Movement, and Centering.

The first element of a spiritual morning routine is finding your clarity. What personal growth goal do you want to work on that day? Such as being mindful of how you treat others or pushing yourself to express more love. Use a journal to write down these thoughts. Finding clarity can also mean reminding yourself of your life purpose or mission. Where are you heading in your life? If you don’t enjoy writing, try speaking into an audio recording app or video camera. Actually speaking aloud is an excellent way of finding clarity during your morning routine. Try singing, chanting, or toning. Take it even further by reading spiritual texts or affirmations out loud. If you like tarot or oracle card readings, pull some cards and write down your impressions and thoughts. The first element is all about finding that clarity needed to keep you focused and on track for the day.

The second essential element of a spiritual morning routine is that of movement. Stretching, yoga, or qigong will open up your energy pathways and create a flow in your day. Movement in the morning can even give you more energy than eating breakfast or drinking a cup of coffee. Yoga and qigong might not appeal to you, if so try dancing or walking; even better if you can do your morning movement outdoors. Reconnecting your body with the earth daily will wake you up and give you energy for the day. Many people exercise vigorously in the morning, but a gentle and mindful movement can be more beneficial for a long term routine. Move your body in the morning like you want your day to flow, smoothly and powerfully. The second element is all about waking up your body and setting the ease of speed for the day.

The third element to a spiritual morning routine is centering yourself. Find that center within by doing self reiki, heart centered meditation, or by just sitting and focusing your attention on yourself. Daily reiki treatment can help to fortify your energy field by repelling any outside negative energies. The more centered and anchored you are within your own energy, the less outside energies will affect you. Try doing an energy checkup by placing your awareness, one by one, at each of the 7 chakras (energy centers). By checking in with your energy in this way, you are creating an alignment within that will give you strength throughout the day. This third element is all about finding your center of balance within, so you can experience the day from a place of power and awareness.

Whether we mean to or not, we tend to fall into a morning routine automatically. If your morning ritual needs an upgrade try implementing clarity, movement, and centering into your daily routine. Clarity: Define your purpose and direction for the day, so you stay on track. Movement: Open your body and get moving. Remember the saying ‘what is in motion, stays in motion’. Centering: Bring your awareness home to your inner balance so you can stand strong throughout the day. These 3 essentials together are the perfect recipe for a spiritual morning routine. We can form new habits by practicing them for at least 21 days. Make them your own and try them in your own unique way that fits you.