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Eileen Lord

Hello darlings! I started practicing energy healing in 2008 after receiving an inspiring Reiki session. Then I completed my Reiki Master Teacher training in 2010 and continued into Integrated Energy Therapy. I am also an intuitive tarot reader and galactic channel for healing.

More about Eileen

I am above all an explorer of spirituality and the mystery that surrounds us. A lifelong student of mysticism, my personal meditation practice is best done through reading and study. Through exploring my interests intellectually, I am expanding my consciousness.

I am a Reiki Master Teacher and an intuitive tarot reader. My mission is to inspire people to know and love themselves- through healing from within, through understanding, and through knowledge and self awareness.

My personal journey started as a lonely teen witch in the suburbs. I felt desperate for a connection, not to people but to spirit. I was guided to my first tarot deck and started my conversation with the spiritual realm. Through tarot and painting, I found that spiritual connection I needed. I attended college for photography, visual arts, and design. As a young adult I ventured out to the city where I found my place within the spiritual community. I immersed myself in books, classes, and meditations. I studied the metaphysical properties of crystals, hypnosis, energy healing modalities, and the shamanism of many cultures. My spiritual studies culminated into a beautiful spiritual awakening, followed by what some would call ‘the dark night of the soul’. During that time, my so-called ‘twin flame’ found me. Meeting this person activated my starseed awakening and opened many past life memories. Through this relationship with my twin flame I healed the relationship with myself- remembering who I am and my mission for this life: to inspire love.

I studied Reiki at The Reiki School and Clinic and Learn Reiki Philadelphia.